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what in the fucking hell

ok im gonna attempt to write a longer entry than this one person that harrassed me muahhaha. anyway i have been listening to the radio. some bitch harrassed me. i love to eat. i love chilidogs and brocoli cheese soup. it is magically delicious. i have a lot of friends that you wouldn't know unless you're on my friends list. most of them i do not know. i hate people who think im something im not. i also hate people who think they are all that cuz of the music they listen to i bet they do not even listen to that kind of music and just say they do to be friends with those kind of people. i am getting a stereo for my birthday with 5 disc cd changer and like 4 dvds. it will kick ass for my birthday. i am gonna see nsync in concert like i have already mentioned. i have seen billy joel and elton john in concert in April, that was so awesome. i have no soda to drink, now i have to go without anything to drink. my favorite cartoon is spongebob squarepants. maybe i should watch that again sometime like i always do. i am gonna get a playstation 2 for christmas. i have been playing shenmue, that is a really weird game. lisa loeb needs to bring a new cd out soon. she has been due for like a few months. i am just plain crazy. if you think i am a dork you just plain suck, but who cares everyone is a dork. even if you are popular with people. people on the radio are insane don't you think so? they talk about stupid things. well who cares i am talking about stupid things too. woooooo this might be the longest journal entry ever. i can not wait to see scary movie part 2. that movie is gonna kick major ass. i am sad that archie bunker from all in the family died. i was sad when i first heard about it. oh well at least he can live in heaven making god laugh :] he makes me laugh on the reruns of all in the family. i love that show. that is my favorite old show. well anyway you might as well leave now if you are getting bored out of your mind. and if you wanna stay there is more hehehe. i have been doing weird things with psp. it is awesome. i have to show you some images whenever i can. oh and guess what. they are releasing star wars episode 1 on dvd. i am so happy that they are, if only they would release the 1st 3 on dvd. i love star wars :] it is going to be really hot outside today. like 90 something degrees. so i think that is about it. oh wait there is more. let's talk about some virus that is going around called "the choke virus." it is really stupid. it scrolls smiley faces to everyone on your list on msn messenger. i don't know why it does that. maybe to freeze their computer. oh and hi to all my friends mandy, kelly, emmy, manda, madi, jess, jay, erik, tyler, and everyone else who is my friend. see ya around guys!
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