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crap on my head

everyone, my birthday is in like 2 weeks or so. if you hate me do not harass me that day. the day is July 10th. treat me with some respect or else you will be sorry. anyway i want a new stereo and 3 dvds for my birthday. the dvds i want are save the last dance, dude where's my car, and office space. or i might get 4 dvds. now back to today. for dinner i had tuna helper. i think my dad put bacon in it. it was really good though. i have been listening to lisa loeb lately. she has a beautiful voice. i wish i had her voice. my dad drank the last can of cherry coke. i was so angry. but i took one sip of his soda. my friend on palace named emmy said that lisa loeb was ugly. i do not believe her. she calls herself ugly. so that means lisa loeb isn't ugly. lisa loeb is pretty, i wish i could look like her. if you like lisa loeb go to http://www.lisaloeb.org/ for pictures and lyrics.

-name on palace-
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