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0. First name: tracy
1. Nicknames: chilidog, tracu, trace, dumbass
2. Height: 5'3''
3. DOB: 07/10/1986
4. Birthplace: missouri
5. Where do you live now: missouri
6. Parents: 2
7. Sibling: 2
8. What do you look like: a fat tub of lard
9. Favorite animal: ferret, cat, dog
10. Favorite TV shows: Saturday night live, dawson's creek, spongebob squarepants
11. Favorite Actor/Actress: joshua jackson, ben affleck, adam sandler/ angelina jolie, julia stiles, cameron diaz
12. Favorite movies: star wars, pearl harbor, tomb raider, little nicky
13. One word to describe yourself: hypocondriac
14. School: not saying
15. Future University: not saying
16. Future job: actress/comedian/singer
18. Best Friend: kelly, emmy
19. Favorite candy: nerds, butterfingers
20. Hobbies: writing in this lovely journal and editing my webpage and immitating jimmy fallon's characters from snl
21. Things you collect: jimmy fallon pics
22. Do you have a personal phone line: no
23. How many e-mail addresses do you have: a whole lot
24. Favorite thing on/in you: my boobs! lmao j/k
25. Favorite body part of the opposite sex: i could say but not telling
26. Do you get your news from newspapers or TV: tv
27. Any tattoos and where of what?: none
28. Piercing and where: ears
29. What do you sleep in: bed
30. What do you think of chain letters: stupid
31. Best Advice: i dunno
32. Leno or Letterman: leno
33. Words and phrases you over-use: shiznay, omg, it's good
34. Non-sport activity you enjoy: drawing :]
35. Dream car: i don't have a dream car except a limo if that counts
36. What type of music do you listen to: anything except some rap i like eve and will smith
37. Scariest thing you've ever done: riding my bike without breaks
38. Favorite thing to do in winter: sitting around watching television
40. Where do you shop: old navy, layne bryant, sears, hot topic, target
41. Coke or Pepsi: coke
42. Favorite thing to wear: i don't know
43. Favorite subject in school: english
44. Favorite color: green, blue , orange
45. Favorite songs: Sunday morning - no doubt, let me blow your mind - eve & gwen stefani, mad season - matchbox 20
46. Favorite Artist: van gough whatever
47. Beer or Dr Pepper: dr pepper
48. Where do you work: i do not have a job
49. Favorite article of clothing: boxers
50. Favorite TV commercial: the commercial with the black guy shaking those budlights around whatever and got beer all over this gal
51. Do you smoke: no
52. Favorite Vacation Spot: new york even though i never went there
53. Do you have good grammar: yes
54. Favorite Family Members: my sister
55. Do you want to have kids: yeah
56. What's the best thing about your room: it has a computer
57. Favorite CD you own: probably all 4 of my no doubt cds
58. Favorite Restaurants: ruby tuesdays, chili's, tgi fridays

**SURVEY INTERJECTION** -it suddenly smells like fish in my room. I must go figure out why, considering everyone in my house hates or is allergic to fish..

59. Are you a good friend: sort of
60. Favorite Foods: chilidogs, brocoli cheese soup
61. Who is the dumbest person you know: i know a lot of dumb people and believe me it isn't pretty
62. Favorite Fast Food: burger king
63. What sports do you like: football
64. When you die, do you want to be buried or cremated: i want someone to take my organs out like they do to mummies
63. What is your favorite salad dressing: blue cheese
64. Are you going to get married: yes
65. Do you believe in aliens: hell yeah
66. If you had the chance to professionally do something, what would you do: actress/comedian/singer
..no number 67..
68. Favorite Day of the Week: saturday
69. A teacher you hate: i dunno
70. Favorite Disney Movie: aladdin :]
71. What is your favorite season: summer
72. What toppings do you like on your pizza: pepperoni
73. Do you like your school food: i do not eat school food ok i take my lunch cuz school food has germs
74. If you could live anywhere, where would you live: new york
75. Favorite thing to do on weekends: watch saturday night live and stare at jimmy fallon
76. Favorite thing to get clean: shower
77. Favorite Magazine: those teen magazines
78. Favorite Beverage: coke, orange soda
79. Favorite Number: 7
80. Favorite Ice Cream flavor: chocolate chip cookie dough
82. Who is your favorite author: timothy zahn
83. Who was your first crush: greg sims damn i wish i never liked him
84. What's your most embarrasing moment: i do not know
85. If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be: everything
..there is no number 86..
87. Do you eat breakfast first than brush your teeth or brush before you eat: brush before i eat
88. Favorite cereal: captn' crunch
89. Favorite time of day: morning
90. Can a guy and girl be just "best friends": yes
91. Do you ask the girl/guy out or do wait for them to come to you: i wait
92. Do you mind paying for things: i do not have money or a job
93. Best book you've ever read: i have no idea
94. What's the most important in someone's personality: humor and how nice they are
95. Do you have a pager or cell phone: neither
96. Who's more important, family or friends: family
97. Do you get stressed out easily: yes
98. What was the best gift you ever received: i don't remember
99. Name a person who gets on your nerves: those people on mo that think im not jimmy fallon's number 1 fan
100. Best pick up line: is that a mirror in your pocket? cuz i can see myself in your pants.
101. Shoe Size: 8
102. Best Christmas gift you gave: a whole collection of late 60's 70's 80's and 90's music
103. Cable or No: cable
104. Shower or Bath: shower
105. Favorite Cartoon: spongebob squarepants
106. Who is your hero: jimmy fallon
107. What are you afraid of: heights and dying
108. How long did it take you to fill this thing out: i do not keep time what do you think i am a clock?
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