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i stole this from someone

name: tracy
nickname(s): chilidog, tracu, trace, dumbass

birthdate: July 10th
description of yourself: hypocondriac however it is spelled
gay/bi/straight: straight.
shoe size: 8
height: 5'3''


color(s): green, blue, orange
group/band/singer/DJ(s): no doubt, matchbox 20, goo goo dolls, hanson, lifehouse, nsync, american hi fi, eve, christina aguilera, blink 182, alanis moorsette, lisa loeb, beastie boys, marky mark and the funky bunch, jewel, destiny's child, tlc, barenaked ladies, ninedays, vertical horizion, dixie chicks, shania twain, faith hill, m2m, billy joel, elton john, madonna, cher, celine dion, go gos, belinda carlise, janet jackson, will smith, sixspence none the richer, paula cole
ice cream: chocolate chip cookie dough
drink: coke, orange soda
scarey movie(s): the exorcist, the sixth sense
funny movie(s): scary movie, meet the parents, dumb and dumber, little nicky, happy girlmore, the wedding singer
day: Saturday
food(s): chilidogs, brocoli cheese soup
month: July
holiday: christmas
number: 7
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