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01. Pierce your nose or tongue? neither
02. Be serious or be funny? funny
03. Boxers or briefs? boxers
04. Whole or skim milk? whole
05. Single or Taken? single
06. Simple or complicated? complicated
07. Law or anarchy? anarchy
08. Flowers or angels? angels
09. Grey or gray? grey
10. Read or write? write
11. Color or black-and-white photos? color
12. Sunrise or sunset? sunset
13. M&M's or Skittles? m&m's
14. Rap or rock? rock
15. Stay up late or wake up late? stay up late
16. TV or Radio? tv
17. Is it POP or SODA? soda
18. X or O in Tic-tac-toe? x
19. Blue or black? blue
20. Eat an apple or an orange? orange
21. What came first the chicken or the egg? the egg
22. Hot or Cold? cold
23. Big towel or little towel? big
24. Tall members of the opposite sex or short? tall
25. Sun or moon? sun
26. Emerald or ruby? ruby
27. Sex in the morning or night? night
28. Left or right? right
29. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 1 best friend
30. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? chocolate
31. High or Drunk? both
32. Green beans or carrots? green beans
33. Low fat or fat free? low
34. Love or Lust? love
35. Chewable or non chewable vitamins? chewable
36. Kids or no kids? kids
37. Cat or dog? cat
38. Half empty or half full? empty
39. Mustard or ketchup? ketchup
40. Hard cover books or paper back books? hard cover
41. Newspaper or magazine? magazine
42. Sandals or sneakers? sneakers
43. Wonder or amazement? amazement
44. Red car or white car? red
45. Happy and poor or sad and rich? happy and poor
46. Singing or dancing? both
47. Corduroy or plaid? plaid
48. Happy or sad? happy
49. Purple or green? green
50. A year of hot sex or a lifetime of friendship? lifetime of friendship
52. Been kissed? nope
53. Done drugs? no
54. Eaten sushi? no
55. Eaten an entire box of oreos? hell yeah
56. Been dumped? no
57. Had someone be unfaithful to you? yes
58. Gotten in a car accident? no
60. Hiked a mountain? no
61. Stayed home on a Saturday night just because? yeah
62. Lace or satin underwears? neither
63. Blue or Red? blue
64. New or old? new
65. Rain or snow? snow
66. Have you ever slept outside? no
67. Give or receive? both
68. Rose or Daisy? rose
69. Private school or public school? public
70. History or Science? science
71. English or math? english
72. Do you like someone right now from the opposite sex? yeah
73. A slight crush on a certain guy? yeah
74. Do you have a best friend? yup
75. Who's your cutest friend? jay
76. Who do you e-mail the most? no one
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