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when will it all end?

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I see... a computer screen
I need... love
I find... that i am lazy
I want... to be with jimmy fallon
I have... a pet named gary that is a snail
I wish... i could meet jimmy fallon and be with him
I love... jimmy fallon
I hate... leo
I fear... heights
I feel... sick
I hear... the radio
I smell... like shit
I search...for love
I wonder... if i will leave this place
I regret... everything i do

When was the last time you...

Smiled?: when i was winning at scrabble
Laughed?: when i watched the mtv movie awards
Cried? : when i saw pearl harbor
Bought something?: i don't remember
Danced?: yesterday
Were sarcastic?: yesterday
Kissed someone?: never kissed anyone
Talked to an ex?: never had a boyfriend
Watched your favorite movie?: no i have not popped it in in a long time
Had a nightmare?: last night

A Last Time For Everything...

Last book you read: the giver
Last movie you saw: tomb raider
Last song you heard: in my hands - fuel
Last thing you had to drink: cherry coke
Last time you showered: like 3 days ago
Last thing you ate: a chicken sandwich and onion rings at burger king *yummy*

DID/Do You...

2. Do drugs?: Nope
3. Have sex?: im a virgin
4. Sleep with stuffed animals?: sometimes
5. Live in the moment?: ?
7. Have a dream that keeps coming back?: no
8. Play an instrument?: no but i wanna play guitar
9. Believe there is life on other planets?: hell yeah
10. Remember your first love?: yes and i wish i didn't
11. Still love him/her?: no
12. Read the newspaper?: only the movie section
13. Have any gay or lesbian friends?: yes
14. Believe in miracles?: yes
15. Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever? : yes
16. Consider yourself tolerant of others?: yes
17. Consider love a mistake?: no
18. Like the taste of alcohol? : nope
19. Have a favorite candy?: butterfingers
20. Believe in Astrology?: yes
21. Believe in magic?: yes
22. Believe in God?: yes i do
23. Pray?: sometimes
24. Go to church?: i don't go anymore. people that believe in god still don't go. people know you believe so why go?
25. Have any secrets?: everyone does
26. Have any pets?: no
27. Do well in school?: nope
28. Go to or plan to go to college?: yes then drop out and audition for snl
29. Have a major?: yes
30. Talk to strangers who instant message you?: sometimes
31. Wear hats: no
32. Have any piercing?: ears
33. Have any tattoos?: no
34. Hate yourself?: not anymore
35. Have an obsession?: jimmy fallon
36. Collect anything?: pictures of jimmy fallon
37. Have a best friend?: a few
38. Wish on stars?: sometimes
39. Like your handwriting?: no it sucks
40. Have any bad habits?: yeah
41. Care about looks?: yah my looks but not anyone else's looks. i think jimmy fallon is hot and adorable but that doesn't matter to me :]
42. Believe in witches?: hell yeah
43. Believe in Satan? : yes
44. Believe in ghosts?: no
45. Believe in Santa?: no.
46. Believe in the Easter Bunny?: yes he is a bunny bunnies are real!
47. Believe in the Tooth Fairy?: no
48. Have a second family?: no
49. Trust others easily?: yes
50. Like noise?music?: yes
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